Taking Care of My Family with a Life Insurance Policy

When I received news that a good friend died, I was devastated. I had not seen him in nearly six months because he had moved away, but that did not lessen the shock or pain at all. It also did not stop the questions and thoughts from happening in my head about how young he was. He was in an accident, and his wife and young daughter were left on their own. I knew he had life insurance, which I was glad for. I ended up looking at some no exam life insurance quotes about a week after his funeral because I was not able to stop thinking about what would happen to my own family should I be involved in an accident that claims my life too.

I am not a pessimist at all, but I knew that this was something that I would need to take action on quickly. I had just never considered that I could easily die like my friend had. I have a very small policy through my work, but I figured that would not even cover a decent burial cost. I did not want to leave my family suffering financially if something should happen, knowing how devastated they would be already.

The reason I wanted to get a no medical exam required policy is because I was not due to go back to the doctor for months. My health insurance does not kick in until I have paid a certain amount, and I did not want to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a visit and blood work. I was able to find a policy easily enough that does not require any physical exam at all. It just required me answering a few questions, which I did without any problem. It took me just a few minutes to give myself the peace of mind I needed should something happen to me. Now, my family is taken care of.

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