Working at a Temporary Job

I needed a job this summer and so I decided the best thing to do was to try one of those temporary employment places. It is not a rose garden or even close to it. In fact one of the jobs that I had was working for a place that does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. It was not quite as bad as I thought that it would be, but it was not very pleasant to say the least. I did that for five days, but then I told the place that I did not want to stick around. They were really looking for some help and offered to bump the pay they were giving me, but I am going back to school in a couple of months and I was not going to do this sort of thing. I need the money obviously, but I am pretty sure that I do not need it that badly. I lucked into something a lot better and it does not require me to get my hands dirty at all. In fact I suppose that it requires me to keep my hands clean along with every other thing. I got the job from this guy who goes to church with my Mom. He is in charge of moving cars to where they are needed for this big dealership. It is the perfect sort of job for a retired person, or a student as well. Some days you just sit around waiting and that is not any good. You want to get paid and you need to some work in order to get paid. So far I have been lucky. Every day that I have gone in there has been plenty of work. I drove one car up to Boone this morning and I drove a car back to Cary after I got there.

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