An Apartment That is Almost Too Good to Be True

While looking at apartments in North San Antonio, I was not just focused on what the actual apartment looks like. I wanted to see what features are available for anyone to use who lives there, and I also wanted to see what was around the local area. I did not want to move to an apartment that was out in the boonies, but I also did not want nonstop traffic to be an issue either. I wanted an apartment that is nice on the eyes and very modern, and I also wanted to have things to do there when I didn’t want to be cooped up inside.

That might sound like a lot of demands, but it was actually quite easy to find an apartment complex that not only met all of those requirements but exceeded them as well. The Regency at Lookout Canyon is a beautiful and fun place to live. I was able to find a large one bedroom apartment that even has a garage. That is probably one of my favorite things there. Not only do I not have to fight for a close parking space, but I can also not worry about groceries or other bags getting wet if it is raining outside.

The apartment itself is amazing too. There is a balcony off the living room, and that is my second favorite spot of the apartment. The bedroom is very large, and I have the biggest walk in closet I have ever had. It is in a great location, and there are so many things to do on the grounds as well. There is a swimming pool, a clubhouse that has billiards, TV and other things, a fitness center, walking trails, and so much more. Is it really any wonder that I like living here as much as I do?

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