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Car Accident Lawyer Memphis Tennessee | Memphis Auto Accident Attorney |

What To Do After A Memphis Car Accident?

The steps you take after a car accident can impact the outcome of your personal injury case and, more importantly, your recovery from your injuries. The first step, of course, is to call 911. Police will arrive to complete a report, which may play a role in your case. An ambulance will arrive. Accept medical attention, even if you feel okay at the time. Serious injuries are often overlooked at first because of adrenaline. Get immediate treatment and then follow up with your own doctor as necessary to ensure the fullest recovery possible.

Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN | 901-527-9600 | Memphis Car Accident Attorney

If you are able to, gather information at the car accident scene. Ask the other driver for his or her information. Get the information of any witnesses. Take photographs of the scene.

In Memphis and throughout Tennessee, car accidents happen on a daily basis. Often, it’s a life-changing experience, and one that could have been prevented. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, Rosenblum & Reisman can help. Our lawyers have recovered many millions of dollars for car crash victims, and we can help you get the money you need to move forward with your life.

Do Not Talk To The Insurance Company

You may inform your own insurance company about the accident, but do not discuss details or fault. Do not discuss anything with the other driver’s insurance company. Be aware that insurance companies are businesses. These businesses stay strong by minimizing claims like yours. They will look for any opportunity to do so. Do not provide them that opportunity.

Make certain that you first discuss your case with a Memphis car accident attorney at our law firm. We will educate you about your rights and make certain you understand how much your case is truly worth. We will not let you accept a lowball settlement.

Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN | 901-527-9600 | Memphis Car Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one suffered an auto injury? Call our office at 901-328-9471 or 800-572-8277 (toll free), or send us an email, to schedule a free consultation. All cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing unless we get you compensation.

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Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN | 901-527-9600 | Memphis Car Accident Attorney

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