Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer – Cell Phone Accident, Distracted Driving Accident

Matthew Willens, Chicago Injury Lawyer, discusses common causes of Trucking Accidents and the importance of hiring an experienced Law Firm.

Driver fatigue is a big factor in many of the Chicago truck accidents that we have seen. Drivers have to be one place at a certain time and they may been on the road for several hours past the limits prohibiting them.

Mechanical failure is common. Some trucking companies have put semi-trucks on the road that just aren’t up to par and have put a lot of people in jeopardy.

Distracted driving. Some truck drivers may be distracted with cell phones, gps systems, or eating while driving in order to make delivery deadlines, causing serious accidents and putting motorist at risk.

An unskilled truck driver may find him or herself on an icy or a steep mountain road their inexperience may cause accidents or serious injury to people.

Handling a case involving a commercial truck requires an experienced Chicago truck accident attorney. The laws that apply to truck drivers could be local, state laws, or even federal regulations.

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