I Needed a New Packer

When the machine that packed my product broke, I knew that I had to get it fixed or replaced immediately. I could not handle being out of production for very long, and that is exactly what would happen if I could not get the case packer working again. Unfortunately, the repairman who looked at it told me that it was not repairable. That meant I had to find a new one quick. He suggested that I look at JLSAutomation case packers for a number of reasons, but the main one is because they would be able to get me the packer I needed very fast.

It is too hard and time consuming to pack the containers by hand, and that is what we had to do while we waited for the old one to get fixed. As soon as I found the name of the company that he recommended, I went online to research them. I wanted to make sure that they had more going for them than just a fast delivery time. I was very pleased with everything that I read about the company, and I placed an order for one that same day.

One thing I liked is that everything they make is manufactured right here in the United States. I am a staunch supporter of supporting our own when it comes to goods, so that made me feel good. I also like that they had quite a few that I could choose from. I was happy with all of the models that I saw, and I picked one that would speed up the packing process by 200 percent. The downtime was pretty awful, to be honest, but since getting the new packer, it has been such a dream. It has performed well beyond what I had expected from it!

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