It Keeps Coming in the Mail

I used to loathe going to the mailbox, but it isn’t so bad now. I would always get junk mail and bills, which I hated. I would have to shred the junk mail and look at the ever increasing prices of the bills. Once you’ve stared at offers from energy providers and credit card companies for 20 years, it all starts to run together. A couple of things did catch my eye. One provider was offering a month of free service and a fixed rate plan. I also saw an offer for a card with a high credit limit and 0% APR.

I started with the credit card offer first, because I wanted to use the card to pay my first bill. In the old days, it would take a while to fill out a credit card application and you would have to wait until the company sent a response back in the mail. If the company didn’t think your credit was good enough, they would send you a rejection letter days later. Now you can just go online and find out if the company will approve your application in a matter of minutes. My credit score wasn’t the greatest, but it was good enough for the credit card company to approve my application.

After being approved, I went to the energy provider’s website and signed up for their service. Eventually, I stopped getting offers from the provider in the mail, and started getting bills. Those offers were replaced with offers from the provider that I used to have. They wanted me to sign up with them again, and kept offering me discounts for being a former customer. I told them I didn’t want to receive any mail from them, but they still send me refrigerator magnets and door hangers from time to time.

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