Our New Internet in Bloomington Works Just How We Want It to Work

It is just my wife and I at home. Well, we have the dog too, but I don’t think he uses the Internet much. We signed up for broadband Internet in Bloomington. We needed high speed even though it is just the two of us. We like to stream movies and TV shows. Sometimes we watch separate things at the same time. If you are trying to steam two HD shows over a slow Internet connection, it will not work. It will fall back to a lower resolution or buffer or both!

Out new Internet in Bloomington was more than fast enough to stream to HD movies on two separate high-definition televisions at the same time. We know because we tested it as soon as it was hooked up. Our game console connects flawlessly to its servers, our cell phones have no trouble with Wi-Fi, and our tablets and computers all upload and download just fine. We do not have an Internet speed problem at our house. In fact, I think we have enough bandwidth to support a herd of tech savvy teenagers.

We used to have a slow service before we signed up for our Internet in Bloomington. In addition to the liberal speeds for uploading and downloading data, we also like the low price. Some of the other services wanted a ridiculous amount for the same speeds. I think it pays to shop around for everything. I think the Internet service you have should just be enjoyed. You should not have to think about it, fool with it or worry about how you are going to pay for it. It should just work and be affordable and not get in the way of what you want to accomplish online whether it is uploading a selfie or downloading a software suite.

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