Quotes for Roof Replacement in Queens

I need to get the roof of my house replaced in the near future, and the sooner that happens, the better. I thought that I was just going to have new shingles put on the house, but I had someone come over to give me a quote, and they found out that the wood underneath the shingles is rotting, and pretty much all of the structural wood needs to be replaced. So I want to find contractors for roof replacement in Queens so I can go through this whole process of getting quotes again, except this time, I won’t be getting quotes for having new shingles put on my roof, but rather, I will be getting quotes for having the whole roof replaced.

I am not really sure how much more expensive it is going to be to get the whole roof replaced, versus just having new shingles put on a house. But I am sure that it is more expensive. I guess I will find out soon, since I am going to start calling around to get quotes from different contractors. I want to make sure that I find one that I feel confident in, in terms of the work that they are going to do.

I think that part of the reason that my roof is currently rotting and needs to be completely replaced, is that the last time I had work done to my roof, it was not done very well. I can’t really prove that, but I have a strong suspicion that is the case. It adds up in my head, and it would explain why there is so much water damage and rotten wood underneath the shingles of roof. I will be more careful in who I pick for the job this time around however.

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