They Blamed Me for My Accident

When I went to visit my girlfriend at her new flat, I was in for a surprise. I had only been there in the daytime, but I was not worried about visiting at night. Why would I be? Anyway, I parked my car, then I climbed the 14 steps to her second story door. I held on to the railing, never suspecting that it would let go and I would fall nearly 10 feet to the ground. I was hurt pretty bad, and I ended up going to to get the help that I needed because the management team at the complex felt that it was my own fault I had fallen and sustained the injuries.

They argued that no one else had any problems with the railing, so I must have been goofing off. That is ridiculous in itself, because I am not a ten year old child who goofs off like that on steps. I was surprised when my girlfriend visited me in the hospital and told me that the management team was not willing to pay for my recuperation. I was surprised because they refused to pay, and I was also surprised that they didn’t tell me directly. That is why I contacted the solicitation firm that I did.

I knew that I needed legal representation, which I was not prepared to handle on my own. I had no clue on the first step I needed to take to ensure that my medical and recuperation expenses would be taken care of by the complex. It was absolutely their fault because they did not maintain proper maintenance on the railing, which caused my injuries. Thankfully, the firm that I hired was able to take on my case and help me every step of the way. The management company did end up paying. Even better, my girlfriend moved out and into her parents’ home. That is just until we are married next month though!

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